Pawtraits by Nicole began back in 2001 after my search for a professional photographer to photograph my own dogs.  Finding a studio to take dogs proved challenging.  When I finally found a photographer who worked out of a local pet store once every couple of months, I was disappointed with the packages offered.  I didn't need wallet prints and 4 of the same 5x7.  I just wanted to order the prints I liked and only one of each print.  So, I decided why not buy my own lights?  I had a background in photography.  I had done studio portraits before.  I just needed to refresh my memory and learn the new (at the time) digital technology.

Once I purchased my lights and became obsessed with photographing my dogs, other people started asking me to photograph their dogs as well.  I've learned so much since then and still love every minute of photographing pets.

In addition to my photography background, I've been a dog person, working with dogs for over 20 years.  The knowledge I've acquired over the years of working with dogs has assisted in understanding how to photograph more challenging, shy or aggressive dogs, as well as the outgoing friendly pup.

Don't have a dog?  Most of my subjects are dogs, however, I love photographing all pets.  Cats, horses, gerbils, birds, reptiles, etc., you name it!